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My first & last love: Palestine.

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the Jewish people are using the Holocaust to call o anti semitism and sue your fucking ass if you dare to step outta line and say something against them. Zuckerburg made sure that facebook has a system that looks for and delletes anti semitic comments photos nd what not. So here is one for you MR Mark Zuckerberg,and the rest of the people spamming thiss Semitic card. the holocaust was only about 3 years, in which way less then 6 million jews died. my question to you is how many Palestenians have been killed at the hands of the oppressing Israel. the toescum propogandists, wont let the public know that israel has been killing palestenians in the name of the holocaust for over 40 years, people have been born and married , had kids and some even died and all they know is the occupation of their land by Israel. I spit at the the thought of any f the people on my friends list supporting Israel, seriously just fucking remove me from your friends list. and heres another thing too, if you are Muslim or arab or whatever, and you are clearly aware of the GENOCIDE happening as we speak of the Gazan People and you have not as much Shared or posted anything to raise awareness to this issue, then your Silence has killed another child in Vain. if you cant even do the minimum which is to inform. then you too deserve not to be on my facebook, and you will e deleted by the end of the week.
 its just fucking sad coz the people actively on facebook only care about petty shit like vines and looking for pictures of half covered tittes. while chidren die endlessly, and even though half of them are aware of the everiy of this situation, they couldnt give a fuck. too busy following the voice, or caring about who is out next on x factor.


Somewhere in Gaza is a Palestinian your age wondering wether he/she will survive long enough to reach the next salah.

Please, please pray for Palestine.

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Please Don’t Forget That, During This Genocide, The Gazans Are Still Fasting.


Palestinians doctors in Gaza break their fast while treating patients injured from Israeli strikes. 

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It takes 10 seconds out of your day, its that simple. Pray for Syria.

A four month old baby. Those savages.

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Look around us, the world is nearing its end.

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Sometimes Allah takes everything away from a person to help him find his Lord.
I told her once I wasn’t good at anything. She told me survival is a talent.
Susanna KaysenGirl, Interrupted (via collapsed)

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Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign demonstration, Dublin 19. July 2014

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I feel like this sign is an appropriate response to Bill Maher.

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